Thursday, August 24, 2000
Hosts: Michael Hayes and Dr. Tom Prichard
Guests: Jerry "The King" Lawler and Tazz
Report by: Kevin Gregg of

  Well, it's Thursday night again! Boy, time flies, doesn't it?? Tazz and Jerry "The King" Lawler are set to be tonight's guests on WWF Byte This!, and they are going to meet at Summer Slam in a one on one match. You can expect the flames to continue between the two. The Coach isn't here tonight, and it's Michael P.S. Hayes! Tom says that it's good to have Michael aboard and Michael says that he's glad he is here, and we are just days away from Summer Slam, in what can be the greatest Summer Slam ever. Tom says that tonight's guests have a big part in Summer Slam, and Jerry Lawler will be on the phone, and Tazz will be in the studio. Tom says he has a lot of questions to ask Tazz, and as of late, Tazz has been irate.
  What we are going to see tonight on Smackdown! with JR and Tazz is beyond the boundaries, and Tom says that he's sure that Michael has a lot of questions to ask Tazz. Michael says he does, and he'll save it for when Tazz is here, and obviously, there has to be some motivation on these attacks. It didn't start on JR. He attacked Kane, Rikishi and he even cost him the Intercontinental Title, twice! He attacked Jeff Hardy and even Scotty 2 Hotty. Tom says when Tazz first came here, he was a tremendous athlete, and still is. He was making an impact, and when he got injured and sent home, he got bitter, and when he came back, he wanted to make an even bigger impact in the WWF. Being a Thug from Brooklyn, that's something they'll have to ask him. Tom says hello to everyone in the Chat Room.
  Tom is wearing an APA Shirt, and Michael asks him if he had to go out drinking with the Acolytes to get that shirt. Tom says that he did, and then they go on to talk about RAW is WAR this past Monday night. Lita won the WWF Women's Championship, and she has had a dream of doing that for a long time. Michael says there's so many great things leading into Summer Slam. 10 great matches, over 40 WWF Superstars, and there is a lot of questions that need to be answered. Especially with Stephanie and the WWF Championship. Tom says we will see something very special at the end of Smackdown!, and he says that Triple H is going to be feeling some mixed feelings, and he doesn't know how Stephanie is going to explain it.
  Michael says that he doesn't know if Stephanie has anything to explain as Kurt may have to do the explaining. Tom talks more about Smackdown!, and Kane, Rikishi, the Right to Censor are on. Michael says that Kane isn't on, but his brother the Undertaker is. Tom runs down the card for Smackdown!, and that can be seen on UPN tonight at 8pm EST. The Undertaker will go against The Road Dogg and X-Pac in a handicap match, plus Perry Saturn defends the WWF European Championship against Al Snow. You want to stay tuned to the very end, because we'll find out more if Stephanie and Kurt Angle are more than friends or not. Tom says that he understands that Tazz is making his way to the studio, and they take a break. They show footage of Tazz getting in the face of Jim Ross on the Madison Square Garden edition of RAW.
  Tazz joins Michael and Tom in the studio, and Michael says that Tazz has definitely stirred the pot, so to speak. He has attacked some of the biggest WWF Superstars, and that may have confused some people as they expected him to go after Benoit. He cost Rikishi the Intercontinental title twice, and attacked Kane and others, and now he's going to Summer Slam against Jerry "The King" Lawler. Michael asks Tazz to elaborate as to why he has been getting in the face of Jim Ross. Tazz says that he could care less as to what anybody thinks of him in the locker room, in the office, and anywhere. He came into the WWF as the nice Tazz, and it didn't get him anywhere. What got him to the big dance is being the bad ass that he is, and he is proving it. He isn't done, as it's just starting.
  Lawler will be just another victim to him in the one man crime spree. Tom asks him why he attacks Jim Ross, and Tazz says that he does it because it's easy. He sits behind his mic with his smart ass comments, and then he says that he doesn't like the way Jim Ross does his job. Jim calls him a piece of garbage, and Jim Ross has never been in the ring. Tazz says that he sat home and it pisses him off that he's sitting in the studio with people who are wearing a Hardy Boyz shirt and an APA shirt. Tazz says that he is going to give them a Tazz shirt, and then he talks about how his stuff is never plugged on Tom says that when Tazz's shirt first came out, it was in the public eye, and it was the best seller. Tazz asks Tom why he isn't wearing one, because he didn't give him one and go out and get drunk with him?
  Michael Hayes talks about Jim Ross and his critiques for people in the WWF. Michael asks Tazz if he thinks that Jim Ross thinks that people don't watch the tapes and hear what he says. Tazz asks what these commentators think, that wrestlers don't have video tape machines? He is at RAW trying to entertain the people, and then he goes home and watches the show to see what the commentators say about him. Tazz says that Jim Ross puts over other guys, but when he talks about Tazz like that, it's a problem. Michael says that Jim Ross is very involved with the political process in the WWF, and he may be costing himself in the WWF. Tazz says that he got Jim Ross' attention, and Michael agrees.
  Tazz says what Chris Benoit did when he smashed his arm in the car, that woke him up. Chris Benoit did him a favor, and he returned the favor by cracking Rikishi. Benoit opened up his eyes and showed him that he was trying to be the nice guy, Tazz, and that wasn't getting him anywhere. Tom says that he has attacked every super star he could, and now Jim Ross is his next victim? Tazz says that he punked Jim Ross out in Madison Square Garden, and he makes fun of his face condition. Tazz talks about what happened, and the King got his in his business, and he tried to save the day. At Summer Slam, Jerry "The King" Lawler, a man who has had legendary battles all over the world is fixing to find out why they call him the Human Wrecking Machine.
  They go to the phones, and the caller asks Tazz if he is going for any belts in the future. Tazz says that he isn't going for any belts, because they mean nothing. He is going to kick ass and make as much money as he can, and belts aren't his agenda. They go to the phones, and the caller asks Tazz if he regrets leaving ECW. Tazz quickly says that he doesn't, and he seems to be a very angry guy as he's in character. Tazz talks about when he went against Triple H, and he got beat, and it didn't get him anywhere.
  Now would be a different story, and he doesn't want to talk about the past as he wants to talk about now. They go to line 6, and the caller asks Tazz why he likes hurting people. Tazz says that it's because it's fun, and he grew up getting beat up on. He got tougher as he grew up and he started whooping butt.
He is tired of being nice, and Tom says that Lawler has been around a long time, and if he goes into Summer Slam and defeats Jerry Lawler, that's going to make a name for him. Tazz says that he is going to settle a fight. Michael says that he isn't going to go in to beat Lawler, he is going in to hurt him. Tazz says that's right, and he could care less about Lawler. He is going into the match to hurt him. He has faced a lot of tough people, but Lawler has never faced anyone as tough as Tazz. Michael talks about the Tazzmission, and if he is capable of getting the Tazzmission on Lawler, will he let it go? Tazz says no, and they will have to send every referee, security guard, swat team and everyone to get him off of him. Michael asks if Jerry Lawler defeats him, what happens to his career?
Tazz says that he doesn't know. Maybe he will lose, but he will come back and look for another victim. Somebody is going to get hurt! He wins, he loses, he loses, he wins, draw, he doesn't care. He is just going to keep going. Michael says that Tazz is great shape, and Tazz talks about how he worked out for many years and got in shape. Michael says that people say that he came back too early, and Tazz says people say that, but those people don't pay his bills. He has kids at home, and he has to pay some bills. They go to line 2, and the caller asks Tazz if he regrets leaving ECW. Tazz starts yelling, and he says that he just answered this question. They go to another caller, and the caller asks how this whole thing got started.
  Tazz asks the caller what he is talking about, because they just showed the video package. Tazz asks for a good question, and he's begging Big Country for a good one. This is Tazz's first Summer Slam, and he is looking to hurt Jerry Lawler. Michael says that Jerry is going to want to hurt Tazz, too. Tazz says that he never called Jerry Lawler incapable, because he damn sure ain't, and he is a guy who knows what he is doing in there. Tazz says it isn't going to be easy. They both got heart, and Tazz is going to rip Jerry's heart out and put it in his face. Tazz says that his whole life has been a challenge. Everything he has done, especially in this business, it has been a struggle for him. He succeeded a lot in ECW, and then he came to the big time, the WWF. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he didn't know it would be as tough as it was.
  Everyone keeps burying him, and he wants everyone to bury him and keep knocking him. Keep saying that he isn't going to make it, so he can stick it in their face. Tom says that he believes that Tazz won't stick it in their face, because of his attitude. They go to a caller, and they talk about some guys that use to be in ECW, and they are now in the WWF. The caller asks Tazz how he feels about Raven coming to the WWF. Tazz says that it's a good idea by the WWF, and he's looking forward to getting into the ring with him. He's got a lot of respect for him, and Michael talks about Raven, and he says that Raven has never lived up to his potential yet. Tazz starts yelling at Michael, because he starts putting Raven over, and what about Tazz?
  They talk about Kurt Angle, and Kurt Angle is in the main event while Tazz is fighting Jerry Lawler. Tazz says that he is showing the world what the real Tazz is all about. Tazz says that he isn't in character on Byte This!, and he's not in Walt Disney World. He isn't a character, and this is him. Michael talks about Fully Loaded, about how he cost Rikishi the Intercontinental title. Rikishi dove off the top of the cage, and then Tazz ruined it. Tazz says that he loved it. Everybody had a great time when Rikishi was going to win, but Tazz came and spoiled it. They go to line 2, and the caller says that Tazz is a good wrestler. Tazz thanks the caller. Michael says that they are attempting to get Jerry "The King" Lawler on the phone.
  Tazz says that Jerry Lawler has had some funny jokes and he is a great one liner. Michael asks Tazz if he respects Jerry Lawler. Tazz says that he respects what Jerry has done for the business, and he has done a lot. Outside that, he doesn't respect what he stands for, with his little crown. Tazz says that he wrestled in Memphis, but he couldn't last long there. He had to get out of there, but that's another story. They go to line 6, and the caller doesn't seem to be there. Big Country can't seem to get the caller on, and Tazz starts complaining to him. They go to the phone, and the caller talks to Tazz. The caller asks Tazz if he is going to use any Hardcore objects at Summer Slam. Tazz says yes, and that's two of them. They are his hands. People think that just because he wrestled in ECW, he is about swinging chairs and baseball bats.
  He doesn't need a weapon, and he's not about that Hardcore crap, and he's a walking weapon. They go to line 2, and the caller asks Tazz what his most defining moment was in his career. Tazz says that his debut at the Royal Rumble against Kurt Angle was the high point in his career. It may be this Sunday night when he destroys Jerry Lawler, but we'll have to see. Tazz asks the caller if he likes the King, and the caller says that he's not as bad as another person that he isn't going to name. The hosts ask him to name the person, and the caller says Tony Shiavoni and Mark Madden. The caller says that he doesn't watch WCW at all anymore, because their commentary. They don't have Jerry Lawler yet, and Tazz starts yelling into the camera to tell Jerry Lawler to call up!
  They go to another caller, and the caller tells Tazz to calm down. Tazz says that the chair that he is sitting in sucks. The caller says that Jerry Lawler is the King of Memphis. Tazz tells everyone to watch Smackdown! tonight, and without spoiling it for everyone, tell him how bad he can be, and watch the game that he plays with the King. Jerry "The King" Lawler joins the show, and Jerry says that he is doing great. Tazz asks him how things are doing in Memphis, and Jerry says things are fine, and he just came back from the Press Conference where they announced the Memphis Team. Everybody is all excited, and he is a Memphis Maniac. Tom says Tazz has been talking a lot of smack about the King, and he says that he can fire back now.
  Tazz asks Jerry if he has any jokes for him, and he says that he wants Jerry to make everyone laugh. Jerry says that Tazz is the joke, and he crossed the line this time. Him and Jim Ross have been doing WWF Broadcast for about 6 years now, and never in those 6 years have they had a problem like this. JR isn't a wrestler, and he's probably the best commentator in wrestling today. He has a love for the business that a jerk like Tazz can put a damper on. When he comes over there, and he doesn't know if he had a problem where he feels he's lost in the shuffle. In ECW, he was like the Stone Cold Steve Austin there, but when he comes to the WWF, there's a lot of Superstars. There's not just Tazz, and maybe he feels like he's lost in the shuffle, so he wants to make a name for himself?
Jerry says usually you do that by beating some of the top wrestlers. Going after someone like The Rock or Triple H. The big shot that Tazz thinks he is, he goes after an announcer. Tazz says that Jerry is right, he is lost in the shuffle, and Jerry is going to get him into the shuffle. The reason he doesn't go after The Rock, Triple H or Jericho is because they don't have time for Tazz. He is just stuck in the mid card. He is just a mid card guy, and Jerry Lawler is going to put him in the main event. Jerry stops Tazz, and he hears what he is saying, and he asks what kind of sick mind Tazz used to come up with this idea. First of all, he didn't come over there to jump Jerry, he told him to sit down and shut up.
  He must have been upset with something JR said about him. Jerry asks Tazz if he thinks that slapping around Jim Ross is going to put him in the main event. How is that going to help him? Jerry says that he doesn't get it. Jerry asks how this all got started, and Tazz says that if Jerry wasn't kissing ass with the XFL, he would know, because they went over it. He got in JR's face, because he knocked him. He called him a piece of garbage, and Jerry got in his face. Jerry says that his job with Jim Ross in the WWF is to talk. Jerry says unlike Jim Ross, he can do more than talk about a good fight. He can fight a good fight, and he is going to find out this Sunday just what he is talking about. He isn't going to sit here and brag, and he isn't going to underestimate Tazz.
  Tazz says that he put Jerry Lawler over earlier, and he knows that he fought every kind of guy that this business could have put in front of him. It didn't matter, and he beat most of them. Tazz says Lawler faced guys like him, but he didn't face him. Tazz says he's younger, stronger and faster than Lawler. That may not mean much this Sunday, and he knows what Lawler has done. Tazz says he's going to use Lawler as a stepping stone to succeed in the WWF. He tried to come in as the nice guy. The pro, the politically correct Tazz, and it got him no place, and thanks to Chris Benoit, he opened up his eyes. Tazz says he doesn't care if he wins or loses, but he is going to whoop Jerry's ass all over the ring.
  Michael says that this will be Jerry's third Summer Slam in competing. His last one was about 5 years ago. The veteran that he is, he knows how to take short cuts, but going against Tazz at Summer Slam, it's a little bit of a different situation. Jerry says he listens to Tazz and hears frustration and anger. He's not just angry at Jim Ross, and him. He's angry at the world, and all of the fans of the WWF, because they wouldn't bow down and worship Tazz when he walked in the door. Jerry says that he doesn't have that, and he's just a guy who is sticking up for a friend. Jerry says that Tazz is in for the surprise of his life. Tazz tells Jerry to just bring it to Tazz, and talk about pressure, that is what Jerry is going to feel around his stack of dimes neck.
  Tazz says that after he beats Lawler and leaves him lying in the ring, he is going to go over to Jim Ross and ask him who is going to protect him now. Jerry says that gives him a little more motivation, because he knows now if he gets choked out, that will leave Jim Ross alone. Jerry says that he has to make sure Tazz doesn't choke him out, and he has to make sure he doesn't leave Jim Ross at ringside without someone to protect him. Michael goes to line 3, and the caller says that he remembers when Tazz was the Tazmaniac in the IWA. He use to run around in a skirt with tights. Tazz says that it was a singlet, and he had fur on it. It was for the gimmick, because back then he had a gimmick, and he was hardly making any money.
  The caller asks Jerry Lawler how it felt to wrestle on the second rate organization, ECW. Tazz starts flaming the caller, and he says that it may have been second rate, but it got him to the WWF. They go to line 5, and the caller mumbles something. Jerry says that this isn't a Hardcore match or anything of the sort, but that has never stopped him before. It's amazing what you can find these days if you look under the ring apron as there are all sorts of things under there. Like he told Tazz, there's a feeling that he can't let him choke him out. If it means weapons, then he will have to use that. Tom says that Jerry is relishing the underdog role for Sunday. Jerry says that he thinks it's great, and he loves it. He knows what it's like to go into a big match being the underdog. You don't have any pressure.
  Nobody probably expects him to beat Tazz, and Tazz may be better in every way, except for motivation. Tazz says that he isn't the favorite of this match and he says Jerry Lawler is the favorite. Tazz talks about how everyone spent this whole hour knocking Tazz, and everyone has something against him. He isn't the favorite here. Jerry says he isn't the fan favorite, and Tazz asks Jerry how many times he has been a World Champion. He talks about his title reigns in the AWA, and major federations, two time World Champion. Tazz says that he was a two time Champion in ECW, and in Jerry's eyes, that may mean nothing, but that's okay. Tazz hasn't achieved as much as Jerry, and that will be used as motivation.
Tazz says that he doesn't care about the fans, and the fans don't pay his bills. Vince McMahon pays his bills, and as long as he's happy with him, that's fine. If he isn't happy with him, he can kick him out, and he'll go work at Wendy's or something. Jerry says Vince may be happy with Tazz no matter who he beats on, except Jim Ross. Jerry says that he thinks that Tazz made a big mistake when he crossed the line with Jim Ross. They go to another caller, and the caller asks Tazz why he is going to pick on a defenseless Jim Ross. Tazz smiles, and the caller rants on Tazz for picking on the commentators. Tazz says that the caller is another piece of garbage from Memphis, and the caller says that there is no garbage, the only garbage is Tazz when he wants to pick on the handicap. Tazz says handicap his ass, and he picked on him for a reason.
  They go to line 1, and the caller says after Jerry beats Tazz, will he want to continue wrestling after that? Jerry says that he's always available to wrestle, and apparently, the powers that be in the World Wrestling Federation seem to like his commentary better than his wrestling. He still wrestles at House Shows, and he still loves wrestling. He is always ready if they give him a call. Tazz tells Lawler to tell the caller how easy it is going to be to beat Tazz at Summer Slam, because the caller seems to think it's easy. Jerry says that he knows that it's not going to be easy, but it's not going to be impossible either. Michael says that it's almost time to wrap up the show, and he talks about Summer Slam this Sunday night.
  Radio WWF will be this Saturday, and they go to one more caller. They go to line 3, and the caller says that he's glad he is getting to close the show out today, because they have two guys on who are more similar than they think. They are both responsible for carrying a major federation for a long time. They were both for a long time, more over, and more indestructible in the ring. They both deserve a hell of a lot respect, and they are going to have a hell of a fun time on Sunday. He doesn't know who is going to come out on top, but it's going to be great. The caller says he's glad to see Tazz getting over, and he's glad to see Jerry get some serious ring time, and he wishes them both the best of luck. Jerry says he appreciates it, and Michael says right after Byte This!, you can talk to one half of the Tag Team Champions, Edge on chat! Next week, The Rock will be on Byte This!.-Kevin Gregg

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