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But in short all pics, t-shirts and books are autographed. Specify to who you want it autographed to in the special instructions in the paypal order form. There are a total of 10 Memphis Wrestling DVD sets. All are from 1986-1987. Each DVD set contains 2 DVDs with 2-3 complete shows on each one. Specify what size T-Shirt you'd like and who you'd like it signed to in the special instructions on the paypal order form. The crowns are authentic in which I personally wear on RAW. (you can choose from 3 different colors!) The Santa Clause Limited Edition Print in which is signed and numbered is the first of many different pieces of artwork I'll be selling. It's somewhere in the neighborhood of 18X24. Be forewarned that the Headlocked comic book does contain some adult language. Also we'll be offering personalized artwork in which you can send me a pic and can have your choice of either a small black and white sketch or a real piece of artwork suitable for framing! Check back regularly for more items straight from the King!  Email me for more info or questions at kingjerrylawler@hotmail.com THANKS!


Autographed Pic 1

Autographed Pic 2

Autographed Pic 3

Autographed Pic 4

Autographed Pic 5

$10 $10 $10 $10 $10

T-Shirt 1 (Jeweled)

T-Shirt 2

T-Shirt 3

T-Shirt 4


Lawler for Mayor

Bumper Stickers

$65 $30 $30 $30 $5

Gold Crown

Red Crown

Purple Crown

Lawler Buttons


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Headlocked Comic

Memphis Wrestling

Original Artwork

Coming Soon!

Personalized Art