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Bowling party before WrestleMania 2000


 Backstage Before WrestleMania 2000


Check out the artwork on Austin's truck, courtesy of the King!

Debra Scotty "Too Hottie" Too Hottie Too Hottie Buh Buh
What are they talking about? The admired WWF officials (Yeah, right!) Who's this jabroni? Some of the WWF's finest! Hardcore
Austin's truck at backlash Austin's truck Nice artwork Wonder who did that? Nice artwork
Debra, Steve Austin and the Rock Can he see who he's beating? Punch him King! Rocky Johnson (Rock's father) The 2 Rocks
Steve Blackman stuffing his face China in the prom dress Chinese food sucks Commisioner Slaughter Dean Malenko
Howard Finkle        


What? Already another series? Are you fans getting your money's worth? Oh yeah, you aren't paying anything! Many of these pics are of the WWF bus traveling around in the U.K.

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Lounging in the dressing room

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Backstage at a MCW Show

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Again, you are free to use these pics on your website as long as you keep the stamp on the pic and have a link to my site from yours!