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01/08/02 - King involved in Wet T-Shirt Contest on RAW

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02/04/01 - King on the XFL

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12/11/00 - Raw in Memphis

Jerry Lawler came to the ring and introduced the Memphis Maniax Cheerleaders. The King and the cheerleaders then busted a move. Of course, RTC came out and ruined the fun. Lawler got the cheerleaders out of the ring and Road Dogg and K Kwick came out and we have ourselves an impromptu six man tag team match. Road Dogg and K Kwick took care of Bull and Goodfather and it was just Lawler and Richards in the ring. Lawler dominated and nailed the right hand punch off the second rope for the win.

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11/05/00 - Sunday Night Heat

Jerry Lawler comes out and starts drawing. As he is drawing, he talks about how he is being sent by the XFL to find cheerleaders for the XFL. He says that he will pick out hot women, and not somebody like this...it is a drawing of a cheerleader with Tazz's head!

Backstage at WWF New York, Jerry Lawler approaches Rebecca and asks her to try out to be an XFL cheerleader. She says she will as long as Lawler will do her a favor. Jerry Lawler introduces Rebecca. She is wearing a cheerleading outfit and does some cartwheels and the King loves it.

Jerry Lawler came out and answered some questions. The first question was how did the King feel about Debra being hired as the Lt. Commish. King said that the smile had to be surgically removed from his face...PUPPY POWER! Antoher  interesting answer is that he is pro-Bush (no pun intended)! A woman asked where King came up with the word puppies. King credited that to the Road Dogg. Rebecca then runs in and whispers something into Lawler's ear and he runs out.

Tazz and Cole plug tomorrow night's RAW. Austin and Rock take on Rikishi and Angle. Lawler then joins the two. He says that Foley said that Tazz can't touch Lawler, but he never said anything about the other way around. Lawler puts a Santa hat on Tazz and clocks him. Rebecca then jumps on Lawler and kisses him!

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09/24/00 - At Unforgiven

Strap Match: Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler

The match begins with Tazz choking Lawler. He takes Lawler towards JR and is mocking JR. Lawler then reverses it and starts choking Tazz. Tazz eventually gets out of it and works on Lawler. Lawler, however, gives a few punches and pile drives Tazz. Tazz gets right back up. Lawler does it again and Tazz gets up again. Lawler does it for a third time, Tazz gets up and quickly falls. Lawler goes for the turnbuckles. He touches three and was going for the fourth and the win. Then, Tazz accidentally knocked the ref down. Out of nowhere, RAVEN SHOWS UP. He DDTs Lawler. Tazz locks in the tazzmission and gets the win!

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Lawler vs Von Erich - A Blast from the past!

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Superclash III in 1988 - Chicago, IL - Jerry Lawler defeats Kerry Von Erich to Unify 3 world titles. Lawler wins when the referee steps in and stops the match due to the cuts Von Erich suffers.