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07/04/01 - Old School Memphis Pics

Pics taken from the setting at the Memphis Vault and the current pics were taken by Jerry Lawler on the night of the Clash of the Legends.

Dave Brown and Cori Maclin Mouth of the South - Jimmy Hart The First Family of the early 80s with Killer Karl Krupp and Paul Ellering Lawler with Sam Bass Tojo, Jerry Jerrett and Jackie Fargo
Hart battling Lawler Hart and the Road Warriors Sam Bass in the early 70s Hart with Kevin Sullivan and Wayne Farris Lalwer with a naked Jimmy Hart
Jimmy Hart, Andy Kaufman and Guy Coffee I am the new King of Memphis! Andy Kaufman Bill Dundee and the Dream Machine Old Memphis Wrestling Lance Russell and Jimmy Hart
Jimmy Hart with a young Hulk Hogan First Family of the early 80s (Austin Idol, Jimmy Valiant, Dream Machine and Dutch Mantell) Lawler battles Hart Guy Coffee Hart begging to be put down
Who ya gonna call? Wimp Busters! Hart going to the top of the coliseum The First Family of the mid 80s (Norvell Austin and Stagger Lee, the Iron Shiek, the French Angel and Bobby Eaten and Dennis Condry) Dutch Mantell, Tojo Yammamoto, and Jimmy Hart Lance Russell and Jerry Lawler
Eddie Marlin Lance Russell Referee Jerry Calhoun Lance Russell Sheephearder errrrrr Bushwhacker Luke
One of the Road Warriors The Spellbinder Buddy Wayne Half of the Rock and Roll Express, Robert Gibson Stan Lane and Moondog Spot
Fabulous One Stan Lane Bruise Brother Mad Dog Sputnik Monroe Billy Joe Travis Dave Brown
Sputnik Monroe Billy Joe Travis with Jimmy Valiant Fabulous One Jackie Fargo Handsome Jimmy Valiant and to kiss Eddie Marlin Jimmy Hart, Stan Lane and Jerry Lawler
Tracy Smothers        


06/15/01 - Clash of Legends

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It's in the books. For results and vidcaps, click here!


06/01/01 - The Memphis Vault

Three shows were taped at the WMC TV 5 Studio in Memphis. The first show (Week 4) hosted by Cori Maclin, Dave Brown, Jimmy Hart and Jerry Lawler had guests from FM 100 and Guy Coffee. The second show (Week 5) had a call in segment from Lance Russell. The third show (Week 6) had as a guest Bill "Superstar" Dundee. Click here to read all about the Classic Memphis Wrestling Vault shows that have already aired!


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