Source: Wrestling Divas
March 10, 2000

Stacy Carter, the woman currently known as Miss Kitty, still remembers the date on which she met the man of her dreams: July 23, 1989.

Jerry "The King" Lawler was playing in a charity softball game near his Memphis, Tennesee, home, and Stacy had stopped by to cheer on a family friend. "I had on these black shorts with a white T-shirt with writing all over it," she recalls, "and he kept pretending like he was trying to read the writing."

Clarifies Lawler, "Actually, it was something more about the shorts than the T-shirt."'

Stacy had never been to a wrestling match, and Lawler invited her to watch him rumble with massive Bam Bam Bigelow the next night. In the course of the action, the King was busted open. Afterwards, Stacy inquired about the severity of Lawler's injuries. As he puts it, "I was going for the sympathy."

After witnessing Lawler's passion, Stacy invited her suitor to view her favorite form of entertainment: Days of Our Lives. For the next three days, the local legend showed up at Stacy's house at 12:30 p.m. sharp to watch the soap opera, and pretend he found it compelling.

Then came the gifts: jewelry, clothes, a television set. By the time Stacy received a restored 1949 GMC pickup, she was a loyal member of "the King's" court. "I liked what Jerry was," she says. "Despite his fame, his roots are very local. He loves the people of Memphis, and is always among them. In many ways, he's like the guy next door."

But Jerry wasn't content with Stacy's admiration; he wanted to incorporate her into the business. In 1996, while working for the United States Wrestling Association (USWA), he observed that "most of the women in professional wrestling couldn't hold a candle to Stacy. So I asked her to do some on-camera stuff."

Before long, she was Lawler's valet, first in the USWA, then in the Tennesee-based Power Pro promotion. In a memorable storyline, Shawn Stasiak--then in training for his World Wrestling Federation debut--seemed to become infatuated with Stacy. On Christmas Day, he was shown on television, barging into Lawler's home, smashing ornaments, opening presents, and desperately trying to convince Stacy to kiss him under the mistletoe. "The King's" response: blasting the intruder with a mysterious ball of fire emitted from his fingertips.

As Lawler's role in the World Wrestling Federation increased, Stacy was transformed into Chyna's valet, Miss Kitty. "Not only did she have the looks," Jerry says, "but an intimate knowledge of the business. Now, she signs more autographs than I do."

If anyone is a casualty of Miss Kitty's newfound fame, it's Pumpkin, the orange Pomeranian dog that must be babysat during the couple's long tours. But, that glitch aside, Stacy says that she and "the King" have a more balanced relationship since she debuted in the Federation.

"For the last ten years, Jerry's been the breadwinner," she notes. "Now it's my turn." Adds Lawler, "Oh, she's contributing now."