Recap of Jerry Lawler & Les Thatcher on Chairshots
Devin Cutting (July 06, 2001)

This is a review of Chairshots the Radio show starring Brent Fusaro and Rod Siciliano. The show airs on 88.1 FM WBLQ in Westerly, Rhode Island on Thursday nights from 6-7:30 PM. This week’s guests were Jerry "The King" Lawler and Les Thatcher.

- Brent welcomes everyone to the show and announces tonight’s guests will be Jerry "The King" Lawler and Les Thatcher of Heartland Wrestling Association.
- Jerry "The King" Lawler calls in.
- Jerry says that he had no problem coming back to be the announcer for WCW.
- Lawler says that one of the WWF Talent Coordinators called him and said that he had talked to Vince and that they would bring him and Stacy (The Kat) back on their old deals but for WCW. He says he was fine with this idea.
- Jerry says that when talking to JR, he had just asked if it was a possibility that Stacy could receive some sort of minimum pay check every week due to the fact she is only paid by appearance. JR said he would look into it, but they were just basically talking about the plans for what they were going to do with WCW.
- Lawler was sent "Welcome Back" notes, plane tickets and reservations for he and Stacy to go to the Raw in Tacoma last Monday. On Friday, Lawler received a call saying that the WWF Creative team had no ideas for Stacy past this one appearance, but they were going to try to come up with something. Lawler and Stacy agreed to these terms, knowing that Stacy would probably be off TV for awhile after Monday. On Saturday, Jerry received another call saying that Vince had decided to only book Stacy for this one appearance and not put her under contract. This made Jerry a little angry due to the rapid changing of deals but he still agreed. Finally on Sunday, The King received another call saying that Vince didn’t want Stacy to appear at all or to place her under contract. The man on the phone said that Vince told them it was a take it or leave it deal. Jerry then told them that this was no deal at all and they were right back to the beginning where all they wanted was Jerry and not Stacy.
- Jerry believes that Terry Golden of MCW is the reason for all the heat on he and Stacy. He feels that Golden is bitter over losing a TV deal in Memphis and getting relegated to a smaller role with that company. Golden was responsible for reporting back to Kevin Kelly and Bruce Prichard as to the progress of the developmental guys. As a result of this guy, Viscera, Tracy Smothers, Bobby Eaton, Randy Hale, Glen Ruth, The Kat and Jerry Lawler have all lost their jobs with the WWF. Golden has also lost his job with the WWF. Jerry feels that Golden never had the WWF’s best interest in heart because the WWF gave him some rings to help train these developmental guys and he was selling them down in Memphis. Lawler basically says that everything that Terry Golden had contact with was eliminated from the WWF. Lawler says that he heard some hear-say that Bruce Pritchard talked to Vince McMahon and told him not to re-hire Jerry and Stacy because there were already enough problems backstage.
- Rod asks Jerry if the TV guy he keeps referring to is Kevin Dunn and Jerry says yes.
- Jerry says that he doesn’t know why Bruce Prichard would have anything against him or Stacy, but Bruce and Kevin Kelly were the direct contacts between the WWF and Terry Golden.
- Jerry states that he went to see A.I. on Monday night instead of watching Raw and he was disappointed with the movie. He calls it an adult version of Pinocchio.
- Jerry says that he and Stacy are staying busy with bookings. He was in Mansfield, Ohio on Wednesday night for a Monster Truck show appearance. They are booked for Friday in White Plains, New York at the West Chester County Coliseum with Road Dogg, Grandmaster Sexay, Blue Meanie and Jasmine St. Claire. Saturday, they are booked in the old ECW Arena and Sunday, they will be in Stow, Ohio. The King says he is satisfied with doing these shows because there is no pressure.
- Lawler believes that his presence as a WCW announcer would have helped cushion the transition for WWF fans into WCW matches because he is a familiar voice. He feels that the way it came across with all WCW wrestlers and announcers was foreign to the fans.
- Jerry thinks that with WCW taking over the Monday night time slot, some fans will be upset because certain markets don’t carry UPN and those fans won’t see anymore WWF TV. Also, the fans without cable will never see WCW.
- The King says one day, he got on the scales and he was up to 250 lbs., so he went to talk to one of the WWF’s nutritionists who happened to be Chaz’s brother and he laid out a simple program for him to follow for a month. At the end of that month, he lost 25 lbs. and now he has lost 40 lbs. and he says he’s now in the best shape he’s ever been in.
- Lawler says that he has a lot of free time now that he is not in the WWF anymore and last week, he attended the Indians-Yankees series in New York and he says he loved it except for the fact that the Yankees took 2 out of 3. Lawler is a big Indians fan. He says being at Yankee Stadium is a special treat. Lawler says that he was all decked out in his Indians gear and that for all three games, he sat in a luxury box near the Yankees dugout and this nice lady who worked there found out who he was and took him on a tour of George Steinbrenner’s office. Lawler says he felt like George Kastanza sitting in Steinbrenner’s office while wearing his Indians gear. He also says he got to meet Frank Robinson and Christopher Reeves, which he calls the biggest thrill ever. He then went to Cleveland to see two games there and he met Magic Johnson and Willie Mays...and many more. Lawler says it was a thrill to see how many athletes were huge wrestling fans.
- Lawler re-iterates that he and Stacy are happy with their current position and he plugs!
- Jerry says goodbye.