by Jamie Peltz

A very special Get in the Ring this Week as the Phantom announced that he had gotten engaged, and needed advice.  So, Sir Adam scheduled two interviews with wrestlers he felt could help him with his new life decision.  Those wrestlers: "Hands of Stone" Ron Garvin and Jerry "The King" Lawler!! Garvin discussed topics as diverse as hunting, wrestling groupies, the friends he's made in the business, and his secret to a successful marriage.  Check out the archived interview now at it is hysterical and is a must listen. 

Tune in to Get in the Ring this week, 1/13/01, at noon eastern time for an exclusive interview with former WWF/WCW writer Ed Ferrara.  In the NY/NJ area GIR can be heard on 1240 AM WGBB and for the rest of the planet on the internet live Sundays at Noon Eastern at

-The boys of GIR told Jerry Lawler that they are happy to hear him back on RAW.  Lawler loves being back in the WWF, starts to talk about puppies and long legs running wild, and that "It's good to be the King again".  Phantom makes an observation that since his absence, it seems that Lawler has developed more in to a "leg man" than a "breast man".  Lawler says that besides loving Stacy Keibler's name, he has always been a "sucker for a pretty face", and he loves Stacy's face. 

-Lawler on Phantom's engagement: "My condolences to you"..."You just got engaged? You might as well find a broad you don't like and buy her a house and a car, save yourself the trouble."  Phantom tells Sir Adam, that Jerry is probably the wrong guy to ask about engagement stuff.

-Sir Adam tells Lawler that he enjoyed his comment on RAW when Stephanie jumped over the barricade, security guards grabbed her and Flair told them to let her in the ring.  It looked as if Stephanie's pants came undone because the camera caught her zipping her pants back up.  Lawler said "What kind of security guards do we have here?". The Phantom then notes that is why Sir Adam and he respect Lawler so much, because of his ability to improv these very funny jokes.  Lawler feels that he says what people are thinking at home, and it's 2002 already and no one wants to hear a Politically Correct show anymore.  Jerry also reveals that Stephanie came up to him after that Smackdown and thanked him for coming up with that line to cover for her, she always expected her top to bust open, but never her pants.

-When Lawler returned to RAW, Phantom notes that he said something very cryptic to JR when he sat down.  Lawler said "I just want to let you know JR that it's over between you and me"- Phantom didn't understand what that comment was about.  Lawler revealed that instead of a tearful reunion, he decided to steal a line he heard Don Rickles use on a celebrity roast.  Lawler told Phantom that he should never listen too closely to what he says, there is never hidden meanings in what he says.  Talk turns to the new roasts on Comedy Central, Lawler enjoyed the recent roast of Hugh Hefner.

-Lawler talks about being allowed to wrestle for Bert Prentice with his son a week ago.  Prentice enticed Lawler by promising him tickets to a Titans game, and offering him a New Year's Eve hosting gig at a popular night spot in Nashville.  Lawler agreed for the tickets and had a match tagging up with Christopher against the Colorado Kid and another up and coming wrestler.  Jerry's deal with the WWF is great because they give him room to do other things.  They look to him to commentate two days out of the week, and the other time they allow him to wrestle where he wants. 

-Lawler talks about his chemistry with JR.  It took him 9 years to develop his style, and now he feels that with a straight man he can work well with just about anyone.  He gives his recent XWF foray as an example, and says without ever meeting Tony Schiavone before, they made a great commentating team.  He felt it was a piece of cake, because he understands with the play-by-play guy does, and he gets out of their way, throws in the entertaining or humorous lines.  He doesn't feel that he can call himself a typical color-commentator.  He feels that the problem with Heyman and JR was that they were both the serious commentators.  Paul was trying to put over the storylines, wrestlers, and moves, which was JR's job.  He feels that the WWF would have been better off, when Paul was added to the mix, if they went with a three man announce team- JR as Play-by-play, Paul as an analyst, and someone to add levity. 

-When Lawler returned to the WWF he was impressed that it was handled as if the hard feelings of the previous 9 months had never happened.  He feels the stage was set for his return when JR invited him backstage when the WWF came to Memphis a month before he was hired back.  He spent three hours backstage, and had a great conversation with Vince McMahon where he told Lawler that the WWF was his home.  He wanted Jerry to get his divorce out of the way and come back to work.  Jerry then informed the boys of GIR that the divorce is not ending quickly, and he is still dealing with it to this day.  He thinks this is designed by the lawyers to squeeze as much money as they can out of their clients.  When the WWF decided to do away with the Alliance they called Lawler and told him that despite the fact that his divorce was still going on, he would fit into their plans nicely at the point. They wanted him to return to work. 

-Lawler feels that there is a shot that Brian Christopher will return to the WWF.  He knows that there was a conversation between Brian and JR several weeks ago, and thinks it is a wait and see situation.  Jerry is confident that the WWF knows that Brian is a great talent, but he made a mistake and the question is now how long do you have to pay for your mistake?

-Lawler knows very little about the Hardyz/heat situation.  What he does know is that when he started reading the reports on the internet, he was shocked because he heard no backstage talk about it at all.  He thinks that they are getting some time off because of the failure of the breakup scenario.  He's not sure if it was management's idea or their idea to have a feud, but feels that everyone involved realized that it was a mistake-the fans didn't want to see it.  He thinks their break from TV is a way for the WWF to let the fans forget that their feud even happened.  When they return refreshed as a team the fans will enjoy it.  Lawler still feels that the internet is a good thing for wrestling.  He likes to read the rumors and speculations that sites give.  He thinks it turns bad when it does hurts someone's career.  In the WWF a lot of the younger guys read the internet sites like Chris Jericho, and Bradshaw, but he doesn't think someone like Steve Austin does. 

-Lawler likes Tazz as a commentator but feels that he is in a position Jerry was a few years ago-torn, between two careers.  Tazz would rather be wrestling every night.  He thinks that Tazz feels the WWF might not think he's a good enough wrestler so they stuck him in the commentating slot.  Lawler feels that isn't the case.  the WWF is looking for someone to do both and there are very few wrestlers that could do both well.  He says when Tazz is on the mic, he brings some definite star power with him.  Jerry feels that if the WWF does the split, he could see Michael Cole and Tazz as a formidable announce pair.  Jerry knows that the split won't happen on the 1/7 MSG RAW and isn't 100% sure it will happen at all.  Jerry isn't privy to what is going to happen in storylines, and doesn't want to know- his job is to sound surprised when something big happens.  He does say that if it happens he knows that Smackdown will be hosted by Cole/Tazz and isn't even sure it will still be called that.

-Lawler addresses rumors that he was going to go to AOL owned-WCW when he first quit in February.  Lawler claims never to have been contacted by them before he left, but when he told JR he was quitting JR said "What are you going to do?" to which Jerry replied "I feel certain that I could be on Nitro next Monday night".  JR said he probably could but would hate to see it.  Lawler never pursued it, because in a matter of weeks there was no more WCW.  Lawler leaving the WWF was done all out of emotion and he gave no thought to the consequences.  He feels that 99% of the men out there would do the same thing if their wives were treated the way Stacy was.  Of course at the time Lawler loved her, and felt she was being wronged. 

-Lawler addresses the light heavyweight division and lack of a push for it.  He feels that there are a limited amount of guys that can get a push at the same time there is just too much talent and not enough TV time.  Lawler feels that nowadays it has nothing to do with size or wrestling ability it has everything to do with charisma- and he cites Chris Jericho as a smaller guy who just became the first ever Undisputed World Heavyweight Champ.  He says that despite Tajiri having better wrestling ability than the Rock, you can't compare the two in terms of marketability or fan response.  The more entertaining wrestlers are getting the push and that the fact.

-Lawler talks about the WWF foray into radio a few years ago and feels if they try again he would like to be a part of it.  Phantom and Sir Adam volunteer their talents as well and go on to say that they would make a great three man radio team.  Phantom then invites Lawler out for a beer when RAW hits MSG.  Lawler claims to have never had alcohol in his life but will go out for a diet Coke with the GIR boys.