by Ryan Briggs

Updated: 8/11/2001 3:05:24 PM 

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[August 9, 2001]
Guest: Jerry Lawler
Report by: Ryan Briggs


- Does he miss being on television? Jerry doesn't miss it. He's content doing what he's doing now; he's getting booked all over the place. He actually had to turn down Vince Russo for a 10 day tour of Australia and the U.K. in October and December, in which he would have been paid $35,000 for commentary. He has a Nascar racing endeavor coming up in which he has a car with his own likeness.

- Was it weird hearing from Vince Russo? Not really, because he had called him before about the tour. He had the time to contemplate it.

- Did Russo have as much effect on the WWF as he claims? Lawler doesn't want to say that he didn't have a lot of impact, but the difference was he didn't make the decisions; Vince McMahon did. So when he got to WCW, he didn't have anybody overseeing him so it went too far.

- How was it to work for Vince McMahon? He doesn't know how he is in real life. Jerry says anybody with as much money as Vince will have a sizable ego. As far as the Bob Costas thing goes, he says it almost put Vince in a bad light because he was so intense. Jerry says Costas went out there to make Vince look as bad as possible. "They were butting heads pretty good."

- What was it like shooting the angle with Andy Kaufman? Jerry says that Andy was such a professional and only the two of them were in on it at the start. Even the referee didn't know what was going on during their first match. He says it was so protected which is why it was so successful ... (Jerry has to take another call for a minute) .

- About the end of his marriage to Stacy Carter: Lawler says he has nothing to hide. People want to know what the 'real' Jerry Lawler is like and what's going on in his life so his personal life is always under scrutiny. He says for the past month his life has really sucked and has been an ordeal. He had been with the love of his life who he had been with for 12 years and had been married to for a year. He gave up a $250,000 job in the WWF for her and showed her that kind of loyalty when they fired her. He says he walked out with her, and a few weeks ago she walked out on him.

- Is he doing any better now? He says as far as the pain and hurt goes, it's still there. As each day goes by, he is coming to the realization that it wasn't meant to be. When he looks back at the things they did together, it's painful. Jerry says that hopefully he can get to the point where he can just look back at the 12 years of good memories they had together. He says it's very difficult.

- Lawler says he doesn't want to think bad of her. He still is attached to her but her feelings towards him are different. In that respect, she is a totally different person. He says it's very hard to talk about and is very frustrating. What he has to do is move on because she is moving on with hers. He says he met Stacy when she just turned 19 and he is the only person she has known throughout her entire adult life. He reads a passage from a book in which it talks about men who date younger women. He says it made him feel young at heart to be with a girl like Stacy.

- He says when Stacy came to him and said "I'm not happy anymore," he said "What's wrong? What have I done?" She said "It's not you. I feel the need to be myself." He attributes it to a hormonal change in women and the need to see what else is out there. It's a sad realization that he has come to.

- Fritz brings up how many relationships have fallen apart due to the wrestling business ... Lawler says that was his mentor Jackie Fargo who told him that. What he was trying to imply was that Stacy would learn to become independent and wouldn't need him. She was making $200,000 in the WWF, but when he met her he bought her a car.

- His thoughts on Honky Tonk Man talking about this excessively on his website? Jerry never dignifies what he says and has never been to his website. He first e-mailed him about it, and HTM said it was "strictly business and nothing personal. We could really work these marks on the Internet ... We'll make a huge angle out of this." Jerry says HTM thinks he can get work through the creation of an angle like this. He says that's the only way he can get attention to himself.

- Were they close growing up? Jerry says his mother and HTM's mother are sisters (they're cousins). Jerry grew up in Memphis and HTM grew up in another town. He says Wayne Ferris would not have been in the business if it wasn't for him. He hasn't figured out if the heat is real or worked, and doesn't really care. He talked to Ferris' dad who said that he hadn't talked to his son in eight years. Jerry said that HTM's dad was in Phoenix and wanted to see HTM, but he didn't want to talk to him.

- It has been therapeutic to sit down and write about everything because for the first time in his life he is alone.

- His song from the WWF is actually a Russian march song they would play during their military parades.

- He says he has gotten a lot of support from fans and appreciates it. The best advice he has received was from a guy: "Don't chase, replace." He announces that he is going to launch on his website the "Replace the Kat Campaign." He wants all the ladies to send photos, resumes and anything else about themselves. He is going to let the fans decide who the next Queen should be.

- What were his battles with Terry Funk like? Jerry says him and Terry Funk had some memorable matches when Funk was NWA champion. They had a certain chemistry whether they were with or against each other. He says he was just a lot of fun to work with. It was Funk's idea for the empty arena match, with just the two of them, a camera crew, and Lance Russell calling the match. Lawler says they fought all over the arena with them breaking the wooden ring steps. Funk grabbed a piece of, but inadvertently stuck it in his own eye. Lawler said they aired that match all through the South and continued their series of matches down there.

- His thoughts on the Superclash match with Kerry Von Erich? Lawler says Verne Gagne told him he was going over to become the unified champion (WCCW and AWA belts), but told Kerry the same thing. Verne finally made up his mind about three minutes before they went out to do the match. "He bled so much and so well that it made the finish." The ref stopped the match because Kerry was such a mess even though he had it won.

- Jerry recounts when he had Kerry in a reverse chinlock, all of a sudden Kerry sprang to his feet, causing Lawler to bite completely through his bottom lip. To this day he still has scar tissue ... (Jerry Lawler has to take another call).

- His thoughts on his feud with Eddie Gilbert? Lawler talks about how Eddie was supposed to run him over in one of his most famous angles. He was supposed to smoothly roll over the top of the car. However, Eddie gave it too much gas and Jerry almost literally got run over. He was able to get his legs up, but crashed into the windshield, over the top, and landed on the ground. Doug Gilbert (who was in the car), told his brother Eddie that he thought Lawler was dead. Jerry had to go to the hospital with a broken hip, which is what hit the windshield. The cops came in to the hospital and actually arrested Eddie Gilbert for hit and run.

- Does he think wrestling is becoming too dangerous? He says it's a dangerous trend to the business, because like ECW, you can't keep raising the bar without someone getting seriously hurt or killed. He sees that trend happening in the WWF.

- Did Hell in a Cell hurt wrestling more than it helped? No, but it did set a new standard. Part of it was planned and part of it was real. Undertaker throwing him off the cage through the announcers table was planned, but Mick Foley going through the cage into the ring was not planned. He says anything that people talk about so much isn't bad, but it set a scary precedent.

- What was it like working with ECW? He said it was fun. He never was against ECW; he was actually one of the few guys that volunteered to go over there and help them. He said it worked out very well.

- Did Tommy Dreamer like the experience? Yeah. He didn't think Tommy was too hurt after the nut shot. Jerry says it got over and was good for everybody.

- About his talks with the WWF: Lawler talked to Jim Ross recently, who said they needed him more so than they ever have before, but they want him to straighten out his personal life first.

- Is that the only thing holding him back from a job in the WWF? All he can do is tell them the words that came out of JR's mouth. He did not understand the reason they let Stacy go, but does now and they had his best interest in mind. He may have alienated some people at the time because he was ignorant to the situation. He thinks something can be worked out because Vince is all about business.

- Dickerman says that since he is the expert on "puppies," any comment on Stephanie McMahon's appearance these days? He has not watched one WWF show since he left. He always thought Stephanie had nice puppies to begin with.

- Jerry Lawler leaves the show. Check out www.KingLawler.com !