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Classic Assorted Photos

Lawler vs Dirty Rhodes This if for you The Great Kabuki Someone slapped me The King
Lawler vs AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkle Lawler vs Humongus Lawler entering the ring Still Southern Champion Lawler vs Nick Bockwinkle
Austin Idol Lawler vs Sonny King Lawler vs Freebird Michael Hayes Check out the Nikes Lawler vs Jackie Fargo


Hungry anyone? Long time champs, Dundee and Lawler The King on studio wrestling Lawler with the Southern Title The sexy Jackie Fargo
The King in the mid 80's Bad hair day Lawler and Dundee The Road Warriors with Ravishing Rick Rude The King
The King and his new tag team partner The Road Warriors Lawler in the mid 80's King Kong Bundy King Kong Bundy


Lawler and Bockwinkle for the AWA World Title Handsome Jimmy Valiant The Road Warriors The King being hanged by Austin Idol Lawler squares off against Nature Boy Ric Flair
Flair has the King in the Figure Four Road Warrior Animal with a chair to the King's head Kamala with a cover Freebirds Buddy Roberts and Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy Bill Dundee, Lance Russell and Jerry Lawler in classic Memphis style
Superfly Jimmy Snuka Kabuki spraying the green mist Nick Bockwinkle and Jerry Lawler Handsome Jimmy Valiant A very young Paul E Dangerously


Lawler and Austin Idol Lawler and Dundee Lawler and Dundee Jimmy Hart after a match where wrestlers were eliminated when all their clothes were torn off Lawler and Eddie Gilbert
Lawler and Eddie Gilbert Jimmy Hart AWA Champ Nick Bockwinkle Joe LeDuc and Billy Joe Travis LeDuc about to slam the King on the concrete
The original Latino Heat Nick Bockwinkle and Austin Idol One of the Zambui Express King hammering the Road Warriors King in the mid 80s


The King in the mid 80s Lawler with the CWA World Title That must have hurt Before a match A past opponant
Lawler with a piledriver WIth the CWA and the AWA World Titles I wouldn't use a chain Looks like this pic was taken in Japan Terry Gordy with his boot
Dundee with brass knuckles Jackie Fargo with Lawler in the air The Fabulous Ones Lawler pounds Nick Bockwinkle Lawler with the victory


Perhaps the greatest tag team of all time..... Lawler and Dundee, champions again! Lawler and "Dirty" Dutch Mantell Lawler and Jimmy Valiant packing up and heading home The King The King in action
A young Paul E Dangerously choking the King The King battling Andre the Giant Andre the Giant The Nature Boy is feeling a little pain courtesy of the King The King in 1973
Lawler using a chain? NEVER! "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert laying it on the King Lawler after pulling down the strap Another classic Lawler/Dundee battle Lawler with the big right hand


Lawler has the Nature Boy down and out The Jerry Lawler Show Lawler getting choked out King and Tojo double teaming the Mongolian Stomper Lawler and Hart in a barbed wire fence match
Lawler vs Jackie Fargo Lawler with the fist drop Ken Patera and Jerry Blackwell double up on King Lawler with the big right hand A young Paul E Dangerously with Austin Idol
Dundee lands on Lawler King ready to kick some ass Lawler vs Leaping Lanny Poffo Taking a beating from "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert King Kong Bundy


King giving Bill Dundee a pile driver Lawler with the AWA World Titles The Fabulous Ones Michael Hayes in Memphis Lawler vs Humongous
Where's my crown? Lawler going to work Fabulous ones after a battle with the Moondogs Lawler and Jimmy Valiant "The Universal Heart Throb"  checks himself before a match
The Great Kabuki The Sheephearders Lawler and Dundee in the late 70s Lawler vs Eddie Gilbert King laying in a beating