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Classic Assorted Photos

The Ugandan Giant Kamala Taking a nap? Lawler vs Dundee Austin Idol Lawler vs Idol
Lawler vs Road Warrior Hawk Lawler vs Dundee The King in Pain Lawler and Phil Hickerson The King about to get squashed by King Kong Bundy
The Universal Heart Throb Austin Idol This is one of my favorites - Tojo Yamamoto with his famous wooden shoe Lawler vs Ken Patera and Jerry Blackwell Lawler vs AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkle Lawler vs Dundee
Lawler with a garbage can over the head of Austin Idol Lawler vs Austin Idol Austin Idol and Lance Russell Lawler with the big right hand Lawler and Dundee
Freebird Buddy Roberts Lawler vs longtime nemesis Jimmy Hart Lawler vs Dundee Joe Leduc Joe Leduc


Freebird Michael Hayes after Jerry Lawler threw a ball of fire on him! Jimmy Hart stomping Santa Claus Kamala chopping down the King Jimmy Hart holding back Joe Leduc The King showing what he's gonna do
Long time nemesis Paul E Dangerously Resorting to dirty tactics Lawler entering to do battle with Terry Funk in the famous "Empty Coliseum Match" Bill Dundee stomping Jerry Lawler The King
Andre the Giant Joe Leduc Sonny King giving the King a little pain Lawler and Dennis Condrey The King burned Me!!!
500+ pounds of King Kong Bundy stepping on the King The Nature Boy about to do battle with the King Lawler battling The Fabulous Jackie Fargo Bam Bam Bigalo and Tommy Wildfire Rich Harley Race before a classic match with Lawler


Tojo and Kabuki Lawler dishing out the punishment Jackie Fargo laying the smackdown on Jimmy Hart Another title for the King The Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart
Victory for Lawler and Austin Idol Lawler and Joe Leduc Double J as a Rookie Lawler and Leduc The Mongolian Stomper doing what he does best
That hurts Lawler and Dundee Jimmy Hart, Ric Flair and Lance Russell Lawler and Dundee Bill Dundee, Lance Russell and Jerry Lawler


Lawler battling Kamala "The Ugandian Giant" Plowboy Frasier Lawler and Kamala Handsome Jimmy Valiant King Kong Bundy stomping Lalwer
The King with the CWA World Title Lawler and Dirty Dutch Mantell The Fabulous Ones The King after a brawl Jimmy Hart
The Mongolian Stomper The Iron Shiek going hardcore A battered Lawler The King enters the ring King Kong Bundy standing on the King
Lawler vs Jackie Fargo Lawler vs Dundee Lawler vs. Sonny King Terry Funk with the pile driver Who is this guy?
Handsome Jimmy and Bill Dundee Macho Man Randy Savage and Handsome Jimmy Valiant Lawler sliding down a wall after being thrown off the table Lawler and Austin Idol Another classic war between Lawler and Dundee