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Pics with Celebrities

Lawler and Joan Lundon Micheal Bolton and Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler and Ali I must be the greatest!
Lawler with Sandy Alomar Lawler and Wade Boggs Lawler and Robin Leach Jeff Jerrett, Micheal J Fox and Jerry Lawler
The two kings of Memphis Lawler and Rodney Dangerfield The King interviews Donald Trump
The King with Judge Mills Lane      

At a Cleveland Browns Game

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At a Cleveland Indians' Party

Jerry telling John Hart (Indians G.M.) what players he should sign! Jerry with John Hart Jerry with Steve Karsay Indians Party
Indians Party Jerry with Charlie Manuel (New Manager) after discussing baseball stratagy Indians Party  

At Jerry Lawler's Headquarters while running for Mayor of Memphis

Get this at Jerry's Headquarters, maybe even autographed! Jerry's Headquarters A wall of fame at the Headquarters Hats, bumper stickers and buttons here! Jerry's Headquarters
A 15 dollar contribution gets this! A 15 dollar contribution gets this! Now this was a LONG TIME ago! Jerry Lawler and 3000 Hit Club Member Wade Boggs Lawler and Sam Bass
Jerry Lawler vs. Kerry Von Erich Andy Kaufman riding out on a stretcher Andy Kaufman about to take a pile driver!

Lawler with his crown

Lawler and Rodney Dangerfield
What an artist! This was taken in 1997 I think..... yeah right! Lawler for Mayor buttons!    

Man on the Moon

We finished filming on 12/01/98 and it is set to be released in the fall of '99. Jersey films is the production company for the movie, which is owned by Danny Devito. Universal Studios is releasing the movie and is depending on "Man on the Moon" to reverse their string of bad luck with movies. Paul Giamatti (Pig Vomit in the Howard Stern Movie) is also injured by Lawler during the movie. Pics here include Jerry with Jim Carrey (In neck brace of course), Paul Giamatti, Milos Foreman (Director of the movie), Michael Kaufman (Andy's Brother), Bif Henderson (Letterman's Floor Director), Danny Devito, Paul Shaffer, and long time WMC-TV Wrestling announcer Lance Russell.

Movie coming soon!

And for the Real Jerry Lawler / Andy Kaufman feud

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Pics from a couple of classic matches

The first pics are from the Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk empty coliseum match held in Memphis in '82. Funk thought that everyone was for Lawler from the fans to the officials, so he challenged Lawler to a match in which no one was there but a camera man to film it. It brutally ended with Funk being stabbed in the eye with a stick that was broken from the stairs in which funk destroyed. The last couple of pics are from a Jerry Lawler vs Ric Flair match held in Memphis in the early eighties.

Lawler vs Terry Funk in an Empty Coliseum Match in '82 Lawler vs Funk Lawler vs Funk Lawler vs Funk
Lawler vs Funk Lawler vs Ric Flair Lawler vs Ric Flair Lawler vs Ric Flair

Pics from the early 90s of Grand Master Sexay

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Pics of Jerry Lawler's first year of Wrestling

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The King and Jimmy Hart at a Night Club (Late 70s)

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